True Stories Volume 1: 3 Misdemeanor Arrest Warrants in Orange County

My name is Scott Pactor, and I am a criminal defense attorney.  I work in state and federal court, in all the counties of Southern California:  Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura and Imperial.  I like helping people with warrants, because they need help, and they need it fast.  That’s the whole point.  Clearing warrants fast.  I want to share the stories of the people I help because I know that many find hard to believe that I’m for real.  Well I am, and these are my true stories.

James W.(all names and places have been changed) called me late last week, he’d just been suspended from his good job with a telecommunications contractor in Atlanta, Georgia because a background check had come back with two warrants for 2015 misdemeanor cases from Orange County, California.   James W. lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and he didn’t have time to come to Southern California to clear the warrants.    One was located in Santa Ana and one was located in Harborside (Newport Beach).  Both cases were charges of California Health and Safety Code Section 11378(a), possession of narcotics paraphernalia.

James W. was ahead of the game, because he already had his case numbers, provided by his job.  Finding a case number is the first step of clearing any warrant, so I was able to run his case number in the Orange County Superior Court computer online, and based on that I quoted him a price of 5000 to handle both cases.  I told him that I couldn’t promise that I could handle his cases without his presence, but that as soon as he paid me I would go to a recon mission at the Courthouse in Santa Ana, CA.   James said he needed some time to find the money, and he got back to me yesterday.

He paid, and I drove from San Diego to Santa Ana, where I talked to the clerk at the attorney window.  Together, we discovered a third case, a probation revocation from a third Court House- Westminster.  Arguably the third, unknown warrant was a bigger problem for James.  I convinced the clerk to consolidate all three cases in Santa Ana, and I told her I would be back tomorrow morning (in Orange County Superior Court, warrants of arrest can only be added on between 8 and 10 AM in the morning, to be heard the same day.

Today, I went back to Santa Ana and got all three cases put on calendar in the misdemeanor arraignment department.   The District Attorney offered diversion- James has to do education and counseling in Atlanta, take a DNA test- at an Orange County area Court House, unfortunately, and pay off a 290 fine from his 2014 case, and with that, both cases would be dismissed.  A proof date was set six month out.  The warrants of arrest were cleared immediately , and the arraignments were postponed till the proof date in six months.

James W. was free to go back to work, and what remains is just ensuring that he does what he needs to do to obtain a dismissal- work that I let my office staff handle- but, just as important as the resolution of the case for a dismissal.   James W. got his warrants cleared in 48 hours, and he goes back to work next week.

He said, “I’m glad I texted you first, the reviews were certainly true.”  I asked if I could share his story on my new blog and he said, “Of course, people should know that what you are offering is legit.”